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As far as we know, most fake id vendors directly ship fake ids after receiving payment. This often brings unnecessary trouble

Physical Preview ID Provided Before Your Hands

We’ll ship your Fake Driver License or State ID once you satisfied with it, it’ll take 2-3 days to process it.

  • Take photos of the completed ID
  • Email you the photo ID
  • Ship the goods once confirmed
  • Tracking number auto mailed in 2-3 days

How it work

Physical Preview Sample Work

California Fake ID

Florida Fake ID

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How Long Does It Take To Make A Fake Driver license

After receiving payment within our specified period of 72 hours from confirmation of order placement. You will receive your new Fake Driver License or State ID by e-mail for verification and approval.

Delivery depends on the third party. It usually does not take longer than 72 hours for us to process your Fake Driver licnese or State ID Card, if you provide correct information and photo is good enough, the delay may vary by equipment malfuntion, holiday.

Fast ID Website Fast Shipping time

There is no extra shipping fee (except Express delivery). You pay only for the Fake Driver license or State ID Card

  • Free shipping 20-25 days as Covid
  • Fast shipping 7-9 days


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We are highly-skilled and have great eyes for details. Such matters as national ID barcodes, UV ink, micro-perforations, and raised text are completely checked for the ultimate standards of our customers.

With a fake ID, you can engage in light mode activities like buying alcohol, having strong drinks during your prom night, and rocking parties. Your fake ID is also your gateway to partying hard, especially in casinos and strip clubs. Finally, you can take it a notch higher by doing real adult stuff by renting an apartment or voting in elections

Why Buy Fake IDS

The business of buying fake IDs has been around for a while. Although the reasons people buy fake IDs differ, it is usually to bypass age restrictions. For instance, the United States and other countries have laws that prevent young people from participating in and enjoying “adults only” activities. Depending on the age limits of your state, you must turn 18 or 21 to qualify for these benefits. But with counterfeit identification, you can adopt another age and easily participate in your favorite activities. 

Top Fake ID Features

Getting every detail right is crucial in the business of counterfeit identification. First, it is vital to get the information right. The simplest oversight can give you away, for example, wrong lamination, absence of hologram, conflicting information, or even a typo. This is why reputable fake ID vendors always identify the crucial features of a specific ID. Although each state has a unique design, the attributes are almost common in every case. 

  1. Holograms –The multi-level or multi-color effects of the hologram is visible only under a certain angle. It may be challenging to achieve double-layered and three-layered holograms, but the variable color technology of kinegram makes it the most difficult hologram to reproduce. 
  2. Magnetic Stripe – Your ID will be unscannable without a magnetic stripe. It simply consists of the encoded form of the information your ID carries. Your ID card vendor must use professional equipment to add a magnetic strip to ensure card readers pick up the barcode without issues. 
  3. Overlapping – Placing vital elements of an ID card together makes forging difficult. This is why you always have elements like texts, seals, signatures, and pictures overlapping in an ID. The same must be repeated in fake IDs. 
  4. Guilloche Pattern – This is a lace-type pattern formed by intertwining lines in a highly complex manner. Most new ID providers will struggle to get it right because it requires expensive printing machinery and prior experience. You will hardly find a replica with a perfect Guilloche pattern. 
  5. Perforation – Here is another detail often used to detect a fake ID. Exposing a card to alight from behind shows that the laser cuts were made from the front side. It also reveals cones of specific shapes. 
  6. Laser-engraved Marks – You cannot erase laser-engraved marks without rendering the ID unusable, which is why authorities include it on cards. 
  7. Crucial Embossed Elements – You can detect the presence or absence of these features at a close look or by touching. A fake ID is only usable when all these features are present. 
  8. UV Features – Most driver’s licenses contain effects and images only visible under UV light. Imprinting these features is very challenging, and this is why you must work with the best fake IDs providers to ensure your car passes a black light test. 
What do we offer

For every customer who provides us with his requirement, be it a first-time Driving License, a State ID, a Student ID, or maybe a Press Card

  • We produce fake identification card of high quality.
  • We are professionals: you are in safe hands.
  • We have been doing this since 2007 so experience is our competitive edge.
  • We always have our customers in mind, first and foremost. We take our work seriously.
  • We ensure our competent and customer-focused handling. You will get a fast, seamless service
  • We can guarantee you that our team is up to produce fake IDs that would never be detected as such.
Do IDSHUBS ID Scannable

Idshubs cards are a high quality, durable card that is used for identification purposes. They can be scanned to work as an ID or driver’s license in the United States.

How are fake ID Produced

Perhaps due to curiosity, most people always wonder, “how are fake IDs produced?” Well, most contemporary fake IDs are manufactured rather than handmade. But the complex nature of the craft demands a certain level of expertise. Producers must also pay serious attention to details. The first step is submitting your personal information to the producer, who then adds it to the photoshopped ID alongside other important features. Printing is next, followed by engraving and embossing. Finally, he laminates the card. 

But before delivery, he must subject the card to certain tests like scanning and UV test. Only a novelty ID card that passes these tests can be said to be ready for use. He then disguises the card as an innocent parcel and sends it down to you

R/FakeID Vendor

We’re from the original Fake ID subreddit’s, We offer a seamless, scannable fake driver’s license like no other .

Proof Provided

We will email you photo id and won’t ship fake ids until you’ve confirmed your identity

Online Support

Customers can submit ticket when you login your account, usually we’ll reply in 12-24 hours.

Fast Shipping

Receiving in 5-6 days after you confirmed your photo ID. Tracking number provied.


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– Nath

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I’m going to teach you how to get the best fake ID. You’ll need a fake address and some good pictures if you’re not using your own name. I made addresses up, so it didn’t matter what I put in them. There was no reason to have a real address because the only purpose an Fake ID served for me was to get younger college kids 19-20 drinking (it wouldn’t matter if someone looked young). If you’re 12, that’s another matter – I also wouldn’t make one for you.

Should I use fake name

The first thing to think about when getting a fake ID is whether or not you should use your real name. A lot of people will say that it’s better to have a fake name, but this isn’t always the best option. If you are using your real name and something happens, such as being caught by a bouncer while trying to enter an event with a fake ID, then there could be some serious consequences for you. So before making any decisions on what information goes on the false identification card, make sure that you weigh out all of these factors so that you can make an informed decision!

All you need to know about underage drinking lawas

Underage drinking is illegal in US. This law requires that you understand the laws of drinking age – C – and what punishments come with breaking them.

“Can you drink in California if you are 18?”

Young people have asked many questions about California liquor laws when they come to the beaches. One of such is whether any 18-year-olds can drink in California. The answer is no–no one under 21 can legally consume alcohol in the state without an Alcohol Identification Card.

What is Californias legal drinking age?

The drinking age in California is the same as that of the national standard.

The California law states that anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed to have alcohol in their possession. When two types of personal possession are mentioned, it may be clearer to give an example:;

– Actual possession – In your physical possession;

– Constructive possession is defined by the authorities as a situation in which they are able to provide proof that the subject;

  • Knows they are in possession of alcohol;
  • Understands that having alcohol is illegal if you are under 21;
  • Exercise dominion and control over the alcohol limit. 
  • Once the three elements have been proven, the possession is constructive

Anyone under the age of 21 in California can be charged with either constructive or actual possession of alcohol if it is found to be in their possession while being supervised by a parent.. 

While California frowns against the provision of alcohol for minors or supervision of its consumption by parents, states like Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi do not.. 

What penalties are offenders of California alcohol laws liable to?

California strictly prohibits underage drinking. Those caught in possession of minors or buying alcohol for them will be punished severely.. 

  • 1st Offence – Second-degree misdemeanor, attracts up to $500 fine and 12 months imprisonment. 
  • 2nd Offence – First-degree misdemeanor, attracts up to $1000 in fine and 12 months imprisonment. 

Furthermore, anyone convicted for underage possession of alcohol will have consequences regarding their drivers’ license. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle is empowered to revoke existing drivers’ licenses of offenders or withhold its issuance for non-holders. 

  • 1st Offence – withdrawal or withholding of license for six months to one year.  
  • 2nd Offence – withdrawal or withholding of license for up to two years. 
How did you choose the license number for fake ids

License numbers are unique for all states and can be quite complicated. The easiest way to find out what your license number is, is to contact the DMV of your state. For example, if you have a driver’s license in California then you would need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for information on how to get your license number

Do you fell the responsible in part for any of the alcohol

I can’t say I feel 100% responsible for the drinking problems in America but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do anything. The drinking age creates a culture centered around alcohol, which leads to abuse, and while other countries have different laws on this issue, their problem with alcoholism seems less prevalent. Of course it’s impossible to prove whether or not.

  • Perhaps I am partially to blame for the death. The government provides guns in much the same way they provide licenses-with many unknown variables, too terrifying for me to feel entirely accountable..
Did you ever bother with passports

No, I read up on it a lot but each page of a passport requires a lot of work and they don’t have much practical use..

Are any consequences for being caught with a forged identity card

All states have a specific ID code for identification purposes. The first two characters represent the first letter of your last name, while the rest is an unbroken sequence of numbers and letters that are unique to you. Having one in possession can lead to serious consequences- from jail time to 11 different crimes depending on where you live.

What happens if you get caught with a fake id in canada

It depends what you plan to do with it and the kind of ID you’re trying to use, a fake id with a photo of an underage person trying to enter a nightclub or purchase beer wouldn’t be allowed. If the police are involved, they would confiscate the identification card and initiate legal action on charges related to that jurisdiction’s law.

If somebody is trying to get backstage to a concert with a fake “with the band” clip-on, they would either be thrown out by security or allowed in if they were looking snazzy..

Any fake driver’s license, health card or other government issued ID would result in serious legal consequences..

If you are caught trying to enter a public or private privilege environment, law enforcement would most likely be involved.. Although a breach on any level can be cause for alarm, a serious breach will result in professional officials with more resources.. –

Using a fake Canadian passport while entering the country would result in your entry being denied and you being returned to the point of origin., If you are lucky, border patrol will only detain or arrest you for trying to cross the border with a fake ID. If their suspicions about your illicit activity loom high, they might decide to interrogate and investigate.. Fake documents can be used for claiming refugee status, with location and errands that are not disclosed..

Is buying fake ids online safe

There is no risk of getting caught when you get a fake ID from us. Our licenses are completely legitimate replicas and your order will be made with complete anonymity, so you can purchase them without worrying about any legal ramifications.