How to take a good id photo for your passport at home

We will introduce how to use the editing tool to remove the background and makup background to make a professional driver license identification card photo, and Wearing requirements for ID photos

Step 1: Take a picture with clean background

When you go to take a selfie, make sure that there aren’t any distractions in your background. A clear and clean picture with just yourself will be more attractive than one where someone else can also be seen!

How to take a passport photo with iphone at home

You can use a digital camera, smartphone, or tablet to take your ID photo, as long as it can get you quality pictures.

  • Find a plain wall or background to stand in front of
  • Remove hat, sunglasses, and any accessories that cover your face
  • Ask your friends to frame the photo from your shoulders up

if you are taking your pictures alone, a tripod will help you to stabilize your phone and ensure that the photograph is stable. However, if you don’t have a tripod, you can get a friend to assist you in holding the camera and taking a picture of you.

Photo Requirments & Tips for U.S Passport Visa Driver License Profile With Photo Examples

You are probably wondering if there is a way to take a perfect passport photograph without being an expert photographer. Yes, you can achieve it once you know the requirments and follow them


Find a plain wall or background to stand in front of

Avoid standing in front of wallpapers, tiles, and walls. Also, remove every object from behind and around you before setting the background.

What Attire to wear for your fake ID picture

Appropriate clothes for a Passport Photo

Before now, you needed to dress formally or professionally when taking passport photos, but things have gotten more casual over the years. You can now wear simple, regular attire, such as dresses, blouses, and t-shirts.

Here’s What you Cannot Wear for Passport Photo

Avoid wearing glasses, hats, or any form of hair covering. You cannot have earphones or earplugs, and you mustn’t wear uniforms, even if it is work, school, or military uniform. Avoid using makeup, accessories, or fancy clothes for your fake ID photographs.

Here Are Some Notable Exceptions When Taking Passport Photos

Head Coverings

Although the use of head covering is prohibited for passport photographs, there are exceptions for medical and religious purposes.

If you want to wear a head covering for medical purposes, ensure to attach a doctor’s statement to your application for verification purposes. You also need to submit a document stating that your head covering is for religious purposes, if that is the case.

Nevertheless, your head covering must not cast a shadow on your face or background. It must not cover your hairline or other parts of your face. If your traditional attire doesn’t meet these rules, it might be rejected, even if you submit a signed statement upon application.

Hearing Aids

You are permitted to keep your hearing aids on when taking a passport photo if you need to. This is unlike the case of earplugs, earphones, and headphones, which we mentioned earlier that is not allowed.


The general rule states that people are not allowed to wear glasses in a passport photo if there is no medically inclined reason to do so. However, if you can’t take off your eyeglasses due to medical reasons, attach a statement from your doctor explaining your health condition and why you can’t do without them.

Facial Expression and Pose
  • You shouldn’t have a definitive facial expression
  • Your eyes must not be closed
  • Face the camera completely in a full face angle
  • Head backward, roated is not allowed
  • Look at carama with a neutral expression, eyes are clearly visible
Shadow and lighting
  • The photo background must be a white or off-white color. Other colored backgrounds don’t work for a passport or ID.
  • No Shadow on face and behind head
  • A black and white photo is prohibited, so you must get a colored picture, Natural lighting is great for ID passports
Personal Appearance Tips


If you have bangs, take them away from your face by packing them up or using bands and pins to hold them away from your face.

You can dye your hair or haircut before taking a passport and it won’t be declined, because it doesn’t change your features significantly.


Whether you shave or grow them, beards don’t affect your appearance, so you don’t need to take a new passport photo just because of that. But, if you keep long and thick beards that cover some parts of your face, you might need to take a new picture to represent how you look currently.

Facial Disfigurement or Plastic Surgery

If you suffer facial disfigurement due to an accident or undergo Plastic surgery that is enough to change your appearance, you must take a new passport photograph to reflect the change in your appearance.

Facial Piercings and Tattoos

Tattoos and piercings on your neck and chest are classified as permanent identifying marks, so you always need to take a new passport photograph anytime you get a new tattoo or piercing. If you remove them, you need to take another passport as well.


If you need to wear makeup when taking your passport photograph, ensure to keep it light so that it clearly shows your features. Avoid heavy makeup, and take your photo without any makeup if possible, for the best and most realistic results.

Weight Loss or Gain

Extreme weight gain or loss can affect your facial features. If this happens, you must take a new passport photograph that shows your face after the weight loss or gain.

Step 2: Crop image and re-size to fit requirements

Are you looking to create a passport photograph with a simple process? Do you feel burdened by manual editing in passport photo creation? A better and easier option is available to you.

Artificial Intelligence helps you to automatically correct photo background, crop your face, and create a perfect passport photograph for several purposes.

What is the size of passport photo
  • A photo should be 51 by 51 mm (2″ by 2″). The head must be centered and sized between 25 and 35 mm (1” and 1.4”)
  • Your passport must be current and not more than six months old

When you understand the above requirements, just do the following three steps to get a professional passport & driver license id photo very easily.

Steps to use artificial intelligence feature

Here are the steps to use this Artificial Intelligence feature

  • Visit the website (, select your country, and choose the type of document, and click on the AI feature.
  • Upload your photograph and allow the Artificial intelligence feature to do its job.
  • After a few seconds, you will see a preview of your image alongside your facial biometrics and the correct Background.
  • Download the sample photograph to cross-check the image
  • If you like the result, download and print your passport photo.

Step 3 : Complete the process

if you order with us by mail, you’ll need to attach your photo in mail, if you order with us in order page, just upload your photo in our order form. We’ll take 3-4 days to process your photo of id. Below is a sample work.

Some Common Question with Answer

What is a Photo Identification Card or Photo ID?

Photo identification or photo ID refers to a document that confirms a person’s identity. When a person assesses a photo ID, it should prove the holder’s identity and correspond with the image and appearance of the photo ID’s owner.

Features of a Photo ID

Several features make a Photo ID what it is, and of course, a photograph is the first of such things. Let us find out the details of a Photo ID.

  • The image in a photo ID often shows the holder’s head and shoulders while ensuring that the facial features are clear and without obstructions or shadows.
  • Beyond the image, a photo ID comprises personal information belonging to the holder, such as the person’s name, date of birth, identification numbers, and the like. 
  • Most photo IDs are printed on a plastic card, and the holder’s image and information are protected with a material that prevents forgery or tampering.
  • To prevent copying or alteration, most recent photo IDs are made into hard plastic cards. Hard plastics are also more durable and ensure that the card lasts until the period of expiration, which is often five years for driver’s licenses.

Understanding terms related to photo ID

A person who owns a card and has his image on the photo ID is a cardholder, while the person who assesses a card to ensure it is authentic is a verifier. A verifier has to ensure that a card is authentic and that the holder is validated to carry out a specific action using the card.

A verifier can either be a person or a machine, and there are a few things the verifier looks at when confirming authenticity. 

The verifier will observe the photograph, examine other elements like a hologram, stamp, or other features in print. These features will ensure that no detail on the card has been altered, and the cardholder is the legitimate owner of the photo ID.

For machine verification, photo IDs also need to contain information that machines can read, including the following:

  • Chips
  • Barcodes
  • magnetic stripes
  • QR codes
  • The cards can also contain Optical Character Recognition text for the machines to read. 

Such Photo IDs that can undergo machine verification are called smart cards, proximity, or electronic cards.

Photo IDs and their uses

Photo IDs and their uses differ from one case to the next, and it is the information on the ID that tells you where the owner can use it and its usage specification. Here are some photo ID uses.

Driver’s License

A driver’s license showcases information about a cardholder, including the person’s name, photograph, and address. 

It also contains the person’s height information, weight, license number, alongside hair and eye color.

With these details, a driver’s license verifier has all the necessary information to prove the card’s authenticity, and confirm that the cardholder is the rightful owner.

Employee ID card

An employee ID card often contains only the photograph, first name, job title, and the logo of the company.

Student ID Card

A student card also has similar features as the employee card, although you can expect it to have a full name and another information particular to the institution.

Please note that a photo ID ought to contain information necessary to the scenario to ensure proper identification of the cardholder.

Where you can get a photo ID beside the DMV?

So many persons have questions about applying for and getting their photo IDs with or without the services of the DMV. This post will answer your questions and help you out. 

Can I get my photo ID on the same day?

Sadly, you hardly find any state that gives out IDs on the day of application. Most states prepare their ID card at a secure, central location, and then undergo all necessary security checks before making them available. This entire process takes an average of one week, but your location will influence the timing.

Can I get a temporary ID on the application day?

Yes. You will likely get a temporary ID if it will take a few weeks for your permanent ID card to be ready. The application office should give you a temporary card that would be valid until the date your permanent card will be ready. If you want a temporary ID, visit the RDW near you to get one.

Can I replace my California ID on the same day?

Your photograph and details are stored electronically, so they can verify your details in the incidence of a misplaced ID card without you needing to apply again. However, it’ll take a few weeks for you to get another copy of your permanent ID.

Am I entitled to a provisional ID from DMV?

You need to visit the DMV office in your locality to make an application. You can also visit the DMV website and apply for a temporary photo ID. Provisional IDs are often valid for 30 days.

Apart from RDW, where can I receive a photo ID?

Visit your local or state DMV to get photo IDs issued by the government and validated. Any other ID you get outside the DMV will not need the state standards. However, you can get a passport without going to the RDW.

What other means of identification can I obtain without a Photo ID?

You can get a driver’s license, passport, government, or military card without showing a photo ID. However, some persons choose to show theirs when applying.

How can I get a free ID card?

You’ll need to provide some documents before applying for a free ID card. In most cases, you’ll need a social security card, a utility or phone bill, and a birth certificate if you want to receive a free ID card.

How can I get a photo ID card?

 You can get a free photo ID card at the social welfare office by visiting the office or dialing 2027245506 for further guidance. The social security administration needs a US driver’s license or a US ID card for those who don’t have a driver’s license. An American passport also works.

I have lost my passport: What should I Do?

The first step is to make a report at the local police station if you lose your ID card within the U.S. The next step is to use a credit card to purchase a return ticket and show any unofficial ID you have. You can contact the U.S embassy or consulate. On another hand, you can register for the Smart Traveler Membership program. You can also replace your passport.

Can I receive photo IDs at the post office?

Yes, you can get your photo ID through a local post office rather than visiting the authorities.

Can I replace a lost ID online?

Yes. If you lose your photo ID or driver’s license, you can apply for a replacement online, at a local office, or through the mail. However, you would need to attach proof of identity and pay a replacement fee, which is $27 within California.

What documents can I use for proof of identification?

 You can use several documents, including your driver’s license, birth certificate, a state-issued ID, or Social security card. You can also present an ID card from the ministry of defense or a passport card.

How long will it take before I get a photo ID?

You will receive your ID cards in an average time frame of two weeks.

What is the timeline for receiving my ID in the mail?

It will also take two weeks to receive your ID card at your mail address.

How can I get a temporary license online?

Instead of visiting the DMV, you can get a print-out of a provisional driver’s license when applying for a renewal online. The online system allows you to print out your temporary license after downloading it in PDF format. You can hold on to that copy until you get the permanent one.

How secure is the DMV ID Website?

The DMV in California is secure, and you can use it to secure a DMV account online through the Multi-Factor Authentication process (2FA). This process is optional for applicants, but residents can use it to leverage the Express experience when signing up for a REAL ID at a local DMO.

What is the timeline for a replacement ID?

If you lose your ID, you’ll need a police statement to replace it. It takes about 10 days to get your replacement ready once you have made a request.

Can I use a temporary ID to enter a pub?

You won’t be allowed to enter a pub with a temporary ID because it often doesn’t show your age to confirm whether you are above 21. However, if you go with your expired ID card showing your age and the provisional ID, you will be allowed into the pub.

How can I apply for a new driver’s license?

Visit the local driver’s license office to apply for a commercial driver’s license or a personal driver’s license. You should complete the application before visiting the office. Most times, you can get the application forms online and complete them. Ensure to go with all relevant documents for the application.

Where can i get a passport photo near me

If you have time, you can book a visit in an expert photography studio or take a passport photo in some store near me like

  • Passport & ID Photos at The UPS Store Wilshire Blvd
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Walmart
  • Cosco
  • UPS & Fedex Shipping Centers both offer passport photo services

Guidelines for Toddler Passport Photo

It is often difficult to take passport photos of toddlers because they move around a lot, and might not take instructions well. However, many passport authorities are considerate towards passport photos of toddlers and would accept them once many requirements are met.

Create white background for a toddler’s picture by sitting them on a white sheet of cloth or cardstock. Ensure that their face gets adequate lighting to prevent shadows from appearing behind their heads or on their faces.

Use an object or a person to direct a child’s gaze towards the camera so that they’re looking straight into it. The child’s eyes must be open while his/her mouth is closed (no crying, yawning, or smiling).

The child should be the only object in the photo, so take out toys, clothes, blankets, or other objects.

You cannot digitally alter a toddler’s photo or any passport photo for that matter. Get as many takes as possible until you get the right photo.

Passport Photo Guidelines for People with Disabilities

If you cannot take a passport photo owing to one disability or the other, you can leverage several services to meet the passport requirements.

For instance, you can request audio, Braille, or large format applications that you can see and use.

People with hearing difficulties can use the services of staff with experience in sign language.

If several conditions make it impossible for you to meet any requirements for your passport photo, attach a letter explaining why you can’t do so. Add a letter from your consultant or doctor explaining your health condition and whether or not it is permanent.

Guidelines for Printing Passport Photos

Visit a Photo Booth

A photo booth has speed as an advantage when it comes to passport photography. Most photo booths offer photo processing in real-time, taking out the long wait for the photo to get printed.

With a photo booth, you only need to pose properly and the system will do everything else for you.

Several booths print passport photos at airports, malls, train stations, and even roadsides, depending on your city. They work round the clock and can save you in times of emergency.

Using a Professional Photography Studio

A professional photo studio is a best and safest way to get passport photos because most of these studios are knowledgeable about the passport photo requirements, so they will guide and assist you in taking the right photos.

They also have high-definition equipment that will produce and print quality pictures for you.

However, one disadvantage of professional studios is that they are quite costly. Some studios could charge up to $15 for one pair of passport photos.

Taking Your Photos

If you have the necessary equipment, you can take and print your passport photos without going to any shop. You’ll need a good camera, great lighting, and an adequate backdrop alongside camera handling skills to get the job done. If you’re taking the picture alone, you can set a timer, or ask someone to do it for you. You can save money by doing it yourself, provided you know and meet all the requirements. Note that selfies do not count, and cannot be accepted as passport photographs,

Passport Photo Applications

If you own a good phone that can take high-resolution photos, then you can download a passport photo app and get the job done. Many passport photo apps give you directions based on the requirements. They help you to avoid lighting issues, shadows, and facial obstructions.

When using a passport photo application, bear in mind that you cannot digitally alter the photographs, so ensure that all the digital editing tools are turned on, and no effect is implemented on your photo.

After taking your photo and ensuring that it meets all requirements, you can use a digital printer to print them, or visit a print shop and have them printed.

If you’re seeking passport photo apps, check out Passport Photo Creator, Passport Photo ID Maker Studio, and Passport Photo.

Final Thoughts and Additions 

All the tips we gave you above are based on information from the passport office. You can also get other vital pieces of information on the official website of the state department. 

Ensure to follow all the rules and guidelines when preparing, taking, editing, and mailing an excellent passport for your new fake ID.

If you are looking for the perfect agency to get a fake ID card, we can assure you of a team that will deliver the best quality of fake ID cards. The fake ID cards we offer have all the features of a real card; only an expert will identify that it is fake.